The Problem

All across America, hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of personal jewelry gets turned into police stations, as well as into lost & found departments of shopping malls, stores, hotels, restaurants, pools and parks. Confounded by the difficulty of returning lost items to the original owners because of not having any idea of how to contact the owners, the items are usually sold at auctions.

Also, untold numbers of honest persons, like yourself, find jewelry that may belong to a neighbor living down the block or, even, to someone all the way across the country. With nowhere to turn, nice people simply keep or sell what they find. In either case, without clear identification and a way to connect to the owner, even the best-intentioned finder is left powerless to effectively return the jewelry to the rightful owner.

The Solution

Enroll in the National Jewelry Registry™ service. Use our patented recovery process by engraving your unique personal code along with our attention-getting website,, on all of your precious jewelry and on your diamonds and other precious stones using laser inscription. Although small and unobtrusive, micro engraving is visible and quite legible upon close inspection.

Thankfully, most Finders will attempt to contact you, if given the opportunity. The National Jewelry Registry™ is the finest and the only service ever invented to increase the chances of recovering your missing jewelry.

The Peace

Up until now, there has never been a system to recover missing or stolen jewelry which unquestionably proves that you are the sole owner. As an NJR member, you can feel more secure about the risks involved with wearing, storing and traveling with your cherished jewelry.

Join today, for a single life-time fee that amounts to less than one penny per day!

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