What should I do if I am certain that I lost my jewelry?

If you have lost your jewelry, NJR recommends that you immediately become proactive and conduct a thorough search. The first step is to calmly think and write down where you have been and what jewelry you remember wearing. As soon as possible, search by phoning and visiting the places of the suspected loss. Acting immediately will greatly increase your chances of recovering your possessions. Whether it was in your neighborhood or at a mall, theatre, park, church, pool, school, etc., it will help if you let people know what you lost. Also, if any of the items have been engraved and are an active part of National Jewelry Registry™, explain that it is marked with a positive ID code and Report2Owner.com. If your search is unsuccessful, report your loss to NJR via our contact form. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to fully assist you until a Finder first contacts us to report what was found.

What should I do if I have been robbed of my jewelry?

Assuming that you have already contacted the police, be sure to tell them that your stolen jewelry is engraved with a Member-generated positive ID code and the NJR Finder website. They will be very happy to hear that you can prove your ownership when they recover the stolen goods. Additionally, the authorities will be able to use your case as strong evidence against the criminals in a court of law. Please report to us exactly what was stolen via the NJR contact form. NJR will do everything possible to assist the police handling your case and to notify your local jewelers and pawn shops to be on the lookout for your jewelry.

Why would someone return my jewelry?

It is the job of police and lost & found departments to attempt to find the owners of lost and stolen property. Also, there are millions of honest people, like you, who would be thrilled to see that valuable keepsakes are returned to the rightful owner. We will reward the finder with a life-time membership to our jewelry registry service for “doing the right thing”. As a kind gesture, it is appropriate for the NJR member to extend a personal reward to the “Good Samaritan”.

Will anyone have a list of all my jewelry?

The individual member is the only person who should, but is not required to, maintain a list of jewelry marked with your personal registry identification code and the NJR Finder web address. It is recommended that your insurance company be advised of your NJR membership, as it may result in certain insurance premium discounts. For your privacy and security, we will not know what jewelry you own or its value. We will never touch or see your jewelry. Our job is to act strictly as a clearinghouse and mediator.

What is the membership term?

Your membership begins when we receive valid online payment through PayPal or a major credit card. Membership continues for the rest of your life and even to your estate until it is settled. Your registry code cannot be transferred to another person. If you convey ownership of certain pieces, the new owner must enroll in the NJR program to create their new unique code. Over the months and decades, you may add as many pieces of your personal jewelry as you like into the NJR program, at no additional charge. You are not required, nor do we wish that you contact us to report the new items. Just pay your jeweler to engrave the additional jewelry or arrange to laser engrave the girdles your diamonds and other precious stones, so that you can feel confident that they could be returned to you, if they become lost or stolen.

Who can participate?

National Jewelry Registry™ membership is extended to anyone 18 years or older, living in one of the 50 US states or the District of Columbia. Use of the registry code cannot be extended to family or friends, because notices of Finder calls and recovery deliveries are made strictly to the Member associated with the assigned code. Using the code on any jewelry implies that the member is the sole rightful owner of the jewelry item. Additionally, commercial and organizational uses are prohibited.

What does it cost?

Each enrolled NJR Member pays a one-time-for-life membership fee of $99, which over a lifetime is a very small percentage of the value of all of your jewelry and precious stones. At the present time, retail sales taxes are not applicable to be paid.

For engraving your jewelry with your unique registry code and finders hot-line website, retail jewelry stores could charge from $25 to $65 per item, depending on the type of jewelry and degree of difficulty. Similarly, the cost for laser inscriptions on the girdles of diamonds and colored stones could range from $75 to $150 per stone plus shipping and insurance to and from the laser inscription company. NJR arranges and pays for all costs of shipping and insurance of recovered jewelry and gems up to a lifetime limit of $500. Shipping costs for recoveries over the $500 life-time limit will be paid by the Member.

What if I move or change my phone number?

Please advise NJR via our contact form of any contact information changes, such as name, address, phone, email, etc. Even if you forget to notify us of changes when we need to be in touch with you about a jewelry recovery, we will make every possible attempt to find you through a computer search of public records.

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