Conditions of Use

If Purchaser does not agree with the following “Conditions of Use” agreement, Purchaser may not subscribe to or use the services of the National Jewelry Registry™, aka NJR.

Valid Membership

By purchasing and activating the NJR process using, aka Finder web site address on their lost or stolen jewelry and precious gems, aka Item(s), the purchaser becomes a National Jewelry Registry™ lifetime member, aka Member, with full benefits and responsibilities and, furthermore, acknowledges that Member has read and does agree with the herein "Conditions of Use".

Member agrees that a valid Member is defined as a person who (1) is the legal owner of each registered Item, (2) is at least 18 years of age, and (3) has presented a legal name and valid contact information. Member agrees to notify NJR of all changes regarding legal name and contact information by the contact form.

Mutual Understanding

Member understands that “Omega Gem Incorporated, a State of Maryland corporation, trades as National Jewelry Registry™” (aka NJR), which operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as an online jewelry lost and found service, as put forth in this “Conditions of Use” agreement, and agrees to hold harmless NJR owners and employees for all causes, including, but not limited to liabilities, losses, damages, temporary lapse of service, contract, negligence, costs and judgements arising by reason of any situation or services provided by this membership.

Member understands and agrees that: (1) NJR has the right to contact Member for matters of a recovery and to give updates on company policies; (2) NJR will do the utmost job possible to recover Items for the Member; (3) successful Item recoveries are not guaranteed and are based on the full cooperation of both the Member and the Finder of the Item; (4) NJR is not an anti-theft device; (5) NJR is not a property insurance company; (6) NJR does not guarantee that all Items will be returned; (7) NJR reserves the right to refuse or deny the shipment of a found Item, if believed to be fraudulent, malicious and/or illegal in any manner; and, (8) NJR is a lifetime program which can highly increase the chances for Member-owned Item to be returned to the rightful owner.

NJR agrees to (1) assist Member with locating and returning Member Item, (2) make every effort to quickly contact Member when Item is reported found by Finder, (3) share Finder information and negotiate return of Item to Member, (4) pay costs of shipping and insurance on all returned Items up to a lifetime limit of $500.00, any amount over will be borne by Member, (5) reward Finder with complimentary NJR membership, and (6) assist Member with choosing a suitable reward for Finder’s courtesies.

Member-Finder Communication

In cases where Member and Finder agree to meet directly, NJR Team will discreetly and professionally facilitate and direct the manner of such meeting, if it appears to be a reasonable and safe method of recovery. NJR Team will coach Member on how to effectively handle said meeting and detail what steps should be taken for a successful return of Item. Member agrees that NJR will not be held liable for any incidents resulting from issues that may arise from direct Member-Finder communication and contact, including, but not limited to site location, security and/or illegal activities.

Future Policies

If any provision of this agreement is unenforceable, that provision shall not be deemed severed from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. This “Conditions of Use” agreement sets forth the basic understanding and relationship between NJR, Member and Finder. Certain policies and procedures may change to accommodate future needs and requirements of the parties herein and to be able to abide by local, state and federal laws. NJR reserves the right to update this “Conditions of Use” agreement and send it to all Members via email.

Revised May 18, 2021

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