“Oh No! My ring is gone!”

Have you ever panicked and had that sinking feeling when you have lost something you love without a clue where it is?

Are you concerned about the possibility of losing, misplacing, or having your personal jewelry items taken?

Would you like to know of a new way that you can recover your missing or stolen jewelry and loose diamonds?

Now, there is true hope!

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How It Works

Step 1

Register Your Jewelry through NJR

Step 2

Jewelry is Lost or Stolen

Step 3

Someone Finds Your Jewelry

Step 4

Finder Sees Your NJR Code & Notifies Us

Step 5

Lost Item is Securely Returned to You

Honest people like you want to return your jewelry if given the opportunity to do so. Our unique patented process of engraving jewelry and diamonds with a personally-designed, positive-identification code, and our website: Report2Owner.com, will allow you to register and relax.

Protect all of the personal things you cherish for the rest of your life, by increasing the ability to recover lost or stolen jewelry, for a one-time-for-life fee amounting to less than one penny per day.

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