The Protection Process
  • Enroll online for only $99 as a lifetime member. Create your unique personal alpha-numeric registry identification code which identifies you as the sole owner of your jewelry and precious stones.
  • As soon as we receive your Member Code, it will be verified as being one-of-a-kind; and NJR will notify you that it is authorized to use for the rest of your life.
  • Meet with a jeweler who can engrave one or all of your rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and large earrings with your personal code along with our website,, using a height between 1.0 - 2.0 millimeters with capital letters to be most legible.
  • Ask your jeweler to arrange with a specialist to laser inscribe the girdles of your diamonds and fine colored stones with your code and our website.
The Recovery Process
  • Person finds your jewelry or loose gem.
  • Finder inspects item checking for signs of value and will, most likely, use the help of a jeweler or a pawn dealer.
  • Finder or jeweler notices the NJR engraved alpha-numeric code and website, which prompts a search on
  • Finder looks over our web page, which directs the Finder to report the found jewelry via our Finder's Report.
  • Finder fills out contact form giving the alpha-numeric code, date and location item found, jewelry description, and Finder’s name and contact information.
  • NJR Representative contacts Finder (1) to confirm the information sent, (2) to answer any questions, (3) to explain the next steps in detail, which includes one free life-time gift membership in NJR and a likely reward from Owner.
  • NJR Representative contacts the Owner (1) to verify the loss, (2) to describe the lost piece, (3) to estimate the fair market value, (4) to arrange for a method of return and (5) to suggest a suitable reward to the Finder.
  • NJR facilitates and pays all expenses to return the recovered items directly from the Finder to the Owner in one of three secure ways: Person to Person, United States Postal Service Insured Registered Mail if under $100,000, or Brinks Armored Vehicle, if value is over $100,000.

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