Engraving Jewelry

The key to success of the NJR system to recover jewelry and precious stones is to be sure that as many of your pieces of jewelry, as possible, be marked with your personal ID code and our Finder website Report2Owner.com.

As soon as you have become a Member and have been authorized by NJR to begin using your personal alpha-numeric code, contact your favorite jewelry store to inquire if they can perform engraving. Most jewelers have engraving machines which can create all sorts of messages on jewelry. Their older machines may work for certain items that you want to engrave for the NJR program. However, some jewelry styles and sizes will require that the font must be smaller to fit inside narrow rings or on the backs of larger earrings, pendants, bracelets and watches.

When you visit the jewelry store, show them your jewelry to see if they can engrave all of the pieces that you want registered. If some of your jewelry is too small to accommodate the jeweler’s smallest font size, ask if them if they know where there is someone who is able to engrave on the inside of a ring with characters as small as 1.0 to 2.0 millimeters. When you find a jeweler with that type of modern engraving equipment, proceed to have them mark the inside of your rings, as well as, on bracelets, pendants, watches, etc. Specifically, direct the jeweler to engrave your 15-digit code and our website Report2Owner.com using all capital letters and numbers to be most legible.

While you are speaking to your jeweler, inquire about his ability to send your loose or mounted diamond and precious stones to a specialist, in order to laser inscribe your code and Finder website on the polished girdle of the stones. However, if they are unable to help you for either one of these services, ask the jeweler where you could have it done. Most fine jewelers in moderate to large-size cities have the capacity to do the work that you need to be performed.

According to the Jewelers Board of Trade, there are well over 25,000 jewelers in the United States. The National Jewelry Registry™ maintains a large list of the jewelers who are capable of providing the type of engraving that you require. If you need assistance in finding a jeweler near you who could provide micro-engraving and/or laser inscription on gems, please feel free to contact the NJR Team by filling out our contact form.

Diamond Laser Inscription

If you have bought a certified diamond in the last ten years or so, you may already have a laser inscription on the outside edge of your diamond, known as the girdle of the stone, which enumerates a Diamond Certificate Number. That laser inscribed number, which is not visible to the naked eye, signifies that there is a gemological laboratory certificate on file at the Gemological Institute of America or at some other fine gem laboratory in the world, which only describes the physical characteristics of the diamond. It does not tell who owns the stone.

Whether you do or do not have a certificate number on your diamond, please consider laser inscribing your diamonds of one carat or larger with your NJR personal code and our Finder website address: Report2Owner.com.

Yes, many people lose their rings. However, countless numbers of diamonds fall out of settings every day of the week. Unfortunately, a metal detector is completely ineffective in a search for a loose stone. Consider the following example. If an unmarked loose diamond is found and there is no marked ring to identify the stone, having the NJR laser inscription directly on the diamond is the only way to clearly identify and find the NJR Member as the actual owner of the stone. This scenario describes how Members can even recover and legally claim a laser inscribed loose stone as their proven personal possession.

Laser inscription is an easy way to ensure that your diamond will always be readily identifiable as yours. Laser inscription can be performed on loose or most mounted stones. Laser inscription does not damage or change the color, brilliance or clarity of your diamond. The process is essentially permanent. However, the NJR marking can be removed by a professional diamond cutter, if you plan to gift or sell your stone.

As a side benefit, if when you pick up your jewelry after having it repaired, you can look for your NJR inscriptions with the use of a simple 10X jeweler loupe. The jewelry industry is composed of very honest and reputable people; nevertheless, it would still be a great comfort to just make absolutely sure that it is, in fact, your same diamond being returned after spending time in the shop.

Although not as common, laser inscriptions are often made on stones other than diamonds. The process can be successfully performed on ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, topaz, citrine, amethyst, garnet, peridot, jadeite, etc. For porous and softer items like opal, turquoise, coral, pearl, etc., laser inscription is not recommended.

OHIO RETAIL JEWELRY STORES that offer Micro-Engraving

Taylor Made Jewelry, 2492 Wedgewood Drive, Suite C, 44312, 330-733-8000

Hug Jewelers, 8439 Vine Street 45216, 513-821-3706
James Free Jewelers, 9555 Main Street, 45242, 513-783-0133

Charles S. Rivchun & Sons, 850 Euclid Avenue, suite 506, 44114,

Wm. Werkhaven & Son, 2630 North High Street, 43202, 614-263-7212

The Diamond Cellar, 6280 Sawmill Road, 43017, 614-336-4545

James Free Jewelers, 3100 Far Hills Avenue, 45429, 937-298-0171

Garrett Jewelers, 639 West Columbia Street, 45504, 937-325-3680

Harold Jaffe Jewelers, 4211 Talmadge Road, 43623, 419-472-4480

Argo & Lehne Jewelers, 3100 Tremont Road, suite 100, 43221, 614-457-6261

Denig Jewelers, 677 High Street, 43085, 614-885-6164

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