Instructions for Finder

Thank you very much for taking the first step of “Doing the Right Thing”.

You have found a piece of jewelry or a loose diamond that is owned by someone who is a Member of the National Jewelry Registry™, aka NJR. The Member’s hope was that a “Good Samaritan”, like yourself, would be the one who would find their property, after it became missing.

Please explore our website which explains how our “Jewelry Lost and Found” works.

You can remain confident that the jewelry or loose diamond found by you can be easily returned to the rightful owner, without cost to you.

To proceed, please fill out the Finder’s Report below.

Upon reading your Finder’s Report, an NJR Representative will call you, the Finder, (1) to confirm the information that you sent, (2) to explain how you can return the Item to our Member, and (3) to answer any questions that you may have.

Next, the NJR Team will contact our Member to announce that a kind person has found their lost jewelry and wishes to return it. They will be thrilled to know that their jewelry has been found and that it will be given back.

Finally, the NJR Team will call you again (1) to re-confirm that you found the exact jewelry that the Member claimed was missing, (2) to report on the results of the NJR conversation with the owner, and (3) to explain how the item(s) will be securely shipped or personally delivered to the owner.

You should be happy to know that after returning the found item(s), you will receive a gift, valued at $99, of a lifetime membership in the National Jewelry Registry™. In addition, it is also anticipated and customary that the owner will reward you for your honesty and good-heartedness.

Please fill out the form below to initiate the jewelry recovery process.

Finder’s Report